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UK Executive Assistant: hermione@handimusic.co.uk  

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Email: K.wirowska@gmail.com

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Kamaliya Blog

  • Kamaliya - Crazy In My Heart Lyrics
    NEW! KAMALIYA "Crazy In My Heart" lyrics added: "My heart is turning like a satellite And I'm lusting you like a fool Hooked on you, at first sight Fast and slow, my heart is beating like..."
  • Kamaliya - Rising Up Lyrics
    NEW! KAMALIYA "Rising Up" lyrics added: "The sun is rising up, my heart is racing I feel you're closer now Why are you pacing? Don't be so serious, we have a party..."
  • Kamaliya - Butterflies Lyrics
    NEW! KAMALIYA "Butterflies" lyrics added: "You know I want, I want it so bad I can't control it, can you take that Now boy you ready or not, you better keep up, You gotta keep up, up, up, up..."

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