Kamaliya in MEET THE RUSSIANS – trailer

Starting September 25 at 9 pm, on each Wednesday FOX invites you to experience one extraordinary world dripping in lashings of luxury, opulence, exclusive events and private jets in MEET THE RUSSIANS. The show that makes the Made In Chelsea cast look like paupers, this fly-on-the-wall series provides privileged access to the wonderful world of select, wealthy Russians, Ukrainians and other post-Soviets living in London. MEET THE RUSSIANS will premiere First On FOX.

Much has been reported about Russians living in London over the years and what their lifestyle entails. Yet until now, this world has never been documented in a dedicated series. With MEET THE RUSSIANS, this is all about to change.

MEET THE RUSSIANS features Ukrainian pop star and former Mrs World Kamaliya, and her steel billionaire husband Zahoor. With her eyes set on global pop domination, Kamaliya would love to force Lady Gaga to retire early. Kamaliya has enjoyed a string of club hits across Europe, and the series charts her journey as she debuts her music in the UK with album Club/Opera. With her loving and supportive husband by her side, they see London as a city of opportunity as they attempt to realise their dreams. Kamaliya claims bathing in champagne is great for the skin, and it usually takes 30 bottles to fill her tub. Zahoor’s most extravagant purchase was two private jets in one day.

Each episode will have a different theme focusing on various aspects of their fantastical lives. From fashion to family, to what parents want for their children and their future aspirations. Russians are becoming part of British Society and MEET THE RUSSIANS will examine their transition into the English upper class. It will explore their different attitudes towards wealth and the importance of success.

A Russian fairy tale with a difference, MEET THE RUSSIANS captures an incredible cultural explosion and phenomenon — a glimpse into the wonderful world of Russians in London.

Don’t miss MEET THE RUSSIANS, this September First On FOX.