Tros Tv Show interviews Mohammad and Kamaliya Zahoor


This Sunday, the 15th of February at 21.20 the viewers of the Tros Tv Show at channel NPO1, Netherlands have a chance to sneak into the extraordinary story of  successful singer / actress Kamaliya who paid a lightning visit to Ivo Niehe in Amsterdam along with her husband Mohammad Zahoor for an exclusive interview.

Kamaliya is a classically trained singer who is very popular in many countries.
Very soon you can see Kamaliya  in the Hollywood movie “What About Love” along with Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia among others.

In addition, the Zahoor family can be seen in the weekly episodes of a program called
“Meet the Russians” by Fox UK, being aired all over the world including Netherlands.

Kamaliya and Mohammad though a couple for 13 years now and recently saw their marriage blessed with the birth of two beautiful twin daughters.
Yet they do not stick to her career only,but theyare also committed to gay rights and the welfare of the children worldwide.


The Promotion clip of Mohammad and Kamaliya Zahoor can be found on Tros Tv Show homepage CLICK HERE !


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